Lia Ames

“I founded Lunchology in 2014 which happens to be the same year that my son, Elijah, was born. What a ride it has been! Lunchology was born out of a need to have consistent, healthy food that I knew I could trust brought to my home, so I could avoid the headache of planning (last minute) and affecting my physical and mental health.

I was born in Liberia, Monrovia and traveled the world with my family. We lived the expat life moving around to 8 extremely interesting and vibrant countries (you may notice meals from around the world in our menu lineup).

I finally settled in Miami, FL to attend the University of Miami where I studied Business and International Relations while running Cross County and Track & Field competitively with some of the coolest athletes I know! 

I am deeply passionate about women’s rights, mental health and how good nutrition plays a part of that. Im an avid nature lover and adventure seeker, I love to roam the world finding new experiences and finally, I LOVE my plants and my very adorable Cavapoo named Nala!”

Roudeline Prophete

Executive Chef

First and foremost, FOOD is my love language. I was born on the beautiful island of Haiti where my large family would come together over meals. I developed a love for food this way,  helping my family in the kitchen to make delicious meals for everyone to enjoy.

I moved to Miami in 2010 and started to pursue my culinary passion for sharing healthy food ideas that are delightfully colorful, easy and FUN (just like me!) You will always find me laughing and finding the silver lining in this wondrous life we have! 

I have been Vegan for 5 years now and truly enjoy creating plant-based meals made from wholesome, nutritious ingredients that are full of flavor! In the 10+ years in this industry, I have found my place in bringing awareness about the endless possibilities that plant nutrition can have on your body, brain and overall happiness! 

Im so happy and humbled to create meals for your and be a part of your well journey! 


Operations Manager

As a Miami native, gatherings over a delicious meal with loved ones and a drink in hand, has always been my go to! I grew up with my younger sister right here in our beautiful city before I left for college to study Mass Communications and Psychology. I have a true passion for assisting businesses like Lunchology with management and organization. Im a big believer in setting priorities! 

Over the last 10 years, helping people grow their businesses into something tangible through strategy, customer service management and social media marketing has been one of the most fulfilling part of my job. 

Although these days look a little different than usual since becoming a new mother to my beautiful and cheery daughter, Stella (who is keeping me on my toes!), I am finding balance between work and parenting with yoga (love a good hot yoga sesh) and my unique obsession of listening to true crime podcasts (where my crime junky fans at :)) In the future, i’m looking forward to more travel adventures and amazing foodie experiences, but for now i’m excited to be here with you! Let’s eat!

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