Frequently Asked Questions

What is the return policy for Lunchology’s meal delivery programs?

Refunds will not be issued once a program has started. With 48-hours notice prior to your delivery, meal days can be paused and credited (not refunded) to your account to reschedule in the future. Credited meal days do not expire, and you can email us to reschedule!

Does the program include snacks?

Yes, we have components available to add on such as snacks, soups, or our healing veggie broths. Our add-ons are made in house, fresh daily and rotate between a variety of sweet and savory nutritionally packed, energizing superfood ingredients. Our soup and veggie broth also made in house, fresh daily without any dairy they are completely plant based. To see the options for the day, sign onto our menu to view.

Can the meals be heated?

Our meals are designed to taste delicious cold so you can enjoy them wherever you are, but most can be heated up if you’d prefer a warm meal! All of our plates are bpa free and microwavable safe, just pop the top and place in the microwave to your desired temperature. Other options are your stovetop or in your oven/toaster oven. Try tossing your whole dinner (greens and all!) into a wok with a bit of avocado, olive or coconut oil and turning it into a tasty stir-fry!

Do I have to cook anything?

No! Lunchology meals are designed by chefs and our registered dieticians, crafted around the highest-quality ingredients, and prepared for you with loving hands in our kitchens. Meals arrive ready to eat and are crafted to taste great cold or heated so you can eat them wherever you are. (…Just think of the time you’ll save from not having to shop, chop, cook, or clean!).

What comes in each delivery?

You have the option of choosing one meal or more, depending on your needs. All add-ons, such as our soups, snacks and healing broths are a la carte. We pack each Lunchology insulated cooler bag with your order, an ice pack and cutlery. Keep in mind, we only recommend that your bags stay outdoors for a maximum of 4 hours before refrigerating. We love to provide perks for our clients by occasionally issuing exclusive promotional offers from our many wellness partners. So make sure to check inside each delivery, in case we have slipped you some free passes to a new gym or a discount coupon for goodies at a cool lifestyle shop.

Can I choose my menu?

We offer a set menu of delicious meals that rotates weekly as well as seasonally. While you can’t pick and choose specific meals, rest assured that each is nutritionally designed for optimal health and crafted with the help of gourmet chefs using the best-quality ingredients available—meaning you and your body will love them.

What are my options when getting started with a meal program?

To get started, you will select how many meals per day you will be requesting (1 or 2 meals), keep in mind, we do not currently serve breakfast and look forward to introducing that in the near future. If you have selected 1 meal, you will receive our Lunch Menu, if you selected 2 meals you will receive Lunch and Dinner (you can find all our menus under our Shop Meal Plans page). You will then choose the days you will be eating (3 or 5 days) and then proceed to tell about your personal needs such as when you prefer delivery (am or pm), allergies (e.g seafood), modifications (e.g gluten-free), and any dislikes (e.g mushrooms). We will make these substitutions on the day we cook based on the fresh proteins, produce and grains that have come in. We aim to deliver meals that you love eating daily, with the hopes of making eating healthy something you look forward to daily. It is our goal to not only deliver delicious tasting, nutritious meals but also give you a service that is convenient to help you along your busy week.


We hate chemicals, pesticides and anything harmful to our temples, we do our best to source from local purveyors that we know take great care in growing their produce. Although our meals are not created with all USDA certified organic ingredients, we use as much organic produce as possible. We use only vegetarian-fed meats with no antibiotics or hormones and sustainably-farmed seafoods or wild caught. As each day offers a different meal in order to bring you lots of variety, we order frequently and always are looking for better ingredients to make each meal exciting.

Will my food allergies be accommodated?

Yes, once you have signed up on the platform you will be walked through a series of questions in which we will ask for your allergies, modifications and dislikes. All Lunchology programs are designed and already free of dairy, eggs & nuts. If you select an allergy, you will receive a meal substitution. Please note, we do our best to accommodate allergies, but do not provide a product for people with medically-necessitated diets or severe allergies. As we want you to love all your meals, we ask for your dislikes in order to best accommodate you. We do not guarantee that all meals will be free of your dislikes and we also encourage you to try new things! You never know, many have opened up their palates with Lunchology meals.

Are the containers BPA free?

Yes! All of our plastic meal containers are BPA and phalate-free.

Can I recycle the meal packaging?

Yes! The containers are 100% recyclable – please recycle and show Mama Earth some love.

What do I do with the cooler bags and ice packs in my delivery?

If your meals are delivered in our black cooler bag, our delivery team will be happy to pick it up, along with any ice packs, when they bring your next delivery. You can leave your bags with your doorman, hang them on your doorknob or hand them to our delivery person directly, with the ice packs tucked inside. Please, we appreciate you returning your bags before your last day, or you may be subject to a $3 fee.

What if I need to modify my delivery time/address/instructions?

All changes to a pre-existing order must be made 48 hours prior to the next delivery date. Please email thelab@lunchologymiami.com to request the change.

When do you deliver?

LUNCHOLOGY programs will be delivered in whichever time window you select at checkout. Whether you have chosen Mornings Monday-Friday (9AM-12PM), or Evenings Sunday-Thursday (4PM-10PM), you will routinely receive your order within that time frame and begin to notice it arrives at or around that time each day.

How do I modify my delivery time/address/instructions?

All changes to a pre-existing order must be made 48 hours prior to the next delivery date. Please email thelab@lunchologymiami.com to request the change.

What if I’m not home during delivery?

If you are not home when a delivery is made, our delivery drivers may leave your order at your doorstep or with your doorman depending on your area. You may be able to provide additional delivery instructions (e.g., leaving the delivery at the back door or with a neighbor). Please note that while our drivers will do their best to honor these special delivery instructions, we cannot guarantee that they’ll be accommodated and aren’t liable for any lost, stolen or damaged deliveries that result from these requests.

Will my food stay fresh in transit?

Our delivery bags are insulated and include ice packs to keep your food at safe temperatures throughout delivery. The ice packs may no longer be frozen upon delivery, this is ok! Your food should still be cold. To ensure optimal freshness, we recommend storing meals in a refrigerator as soon after delivery as possible. All meals will stay fresh for up to three days after delivery with proper refrigeration.

Do you delivery on weekends?

We do not deliver on Saturday and Sunday, so you can have some space to do you and enjoy meals with friends and family. We’ll always be here for you when you’re ready to reset and start the week fresh with clean, healthy food Monday.

Where do you deliver?

Lunchology’s meal delivery program is currently available across Miami-Dade! To see program options for your neighborhood, enter your zip code on the delivery section. We will soon be expanding to Broward County, stay tuned!

How many deliveries will I receive?

Because Lunchology meals are made with the highest quality, fresh ingredients, we deliver no more than 1 day of meals at a time. As a result, if you ordered a 3-day meal program, you will receive your meals on your 3 preference days. If you ordered a 5-day meal program, you will receive your meals in 5 deliveries either Sunday-Thursday for evening deliveries, or Monday-Friday morning deliveries.

How soon can I begin?

To receive our meal delivery program, sign up by Thursday at 5PM for delivery the following week.

When do you deliver?

Lunchology meal programs will be delivered on a daily basis in whichever time window you select when ordering your program. Either morning routes (9-12AM) or our evening routes (4-10 PM). Morning routes are most commonly selected by our clients who receive food directly to their offices or homes Monday-Friday conveniently before lunch time. Evening deliveries are for those who like to plan ahead, having their meals delivered the day before, for instance Mondays Lunch and Dinner delivered to your home Sunday evening between 4-10pm. The idea is to receive your meals in the evening to be refrigerated overnight and have prepared for the day ahead or you can just enjoy whenever you’d like. Depending on your location, you do not need to be home for delivery – if you feel comfortable, we will leave your delivery on your doorstep or with your doorman. Please specify delivery instructions when purchasing your program. You will be notified via text message prior to the arrival of your delivery, you can contact your driver to instruct them of any changes. We are not responsible for delays in delivery due to incorrect or incomplete addresses. Deliveries that are returned or require rerouting due to incorrect addresses may be subject to additional charges for redelivery. When deliveries are delayed due to weather, we will do our best to alert you in advance, but some circumstances are beyond our control and we cannot guarantee delivery windows. We are not liable for failed deliveries due to weather.

can I add components such as soups or snacks to my meals each week?

Love our carrot ginger soup, seasonal house popcorn or other clean treats and want to receive them regularly with your meals? Good news, you can! If you have a meal subscription, you can add these components. Simply add the components to your cart when purchasing your meal subscription or contact our Lunchologists (thelab@lunchologymiami.com) and we’ll be happy to help. Every week that you receive meals, you will also receive your components. If you pause your meal program, your component subscription will also automatically be paused. You can cancel your component subscription at any time at no penalty.

If I am traveling or moving, can I receive meals at a different address?

If you are moving and would like to permanently receive meals a different address, or relocate temporarily and need to update your address, please email thelab@lunchologymiami.com and we’d be happy to help you. Address change requests must be received at least 48 hours in advance of your next delivery.

How do I cancel my Lunchology subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time with no penalty by logging into your Lunchology Account and looking under “Your Subscriptions.” You must cancel by Thursday at midnight to not receive meals the following week. After that point, your calendar will be locked and the card on file will be charged. If you’re just taking a temporary break (and we hope that’s the case!) you can easily reactivate your subscription by logging back into your Account and finding the subscription to reactivate. If you need assistance, please contact our team: thelab@lunchologymiami.com, we will hold or cancel your account for you.

As a subscribers, how do I skip a week of meals or change my Lunchology meal program?

If you are on a subscription program, you can skip a week with no penalty by logging into your Lunchology Account and looking under “Your Subscriptions.” Any changes to your subscription must be made by Thursday at midnight EST for the following week. After that point, your calendar will be locked for the following week and the card on file will be charged. If you need assistance, please contact our team: thelab@lunchologymiami.com

What are the benefits of a meal subscription vs. a trial program?

A subscription to our meal delivery program is the most convenient and cost effective way to truly transform your health and vitality. Subscribers can receive up to a 10% discount on our program prices. In addition, subscription saves time and reduces the stress of eating healthy, as you will automatically receive meals each week. There is no commitment – you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time with no penalty or added cost. Subscribers also benefit from exclusive access to new programs, products, and events.

Are Lunchology programs safe if I am on prescription medication?

You should be completely safe eating our well balanced meals, however we always recommend speaking with your healthcare provider prior to starting a Lunchology program if you have any major health conditions or are taking prescription medications or nutritional supplements.

Do I need to cut out caffeine and alcohol when on the program?

Caffeine and alcohol are taxing your body’s systems – think dull skin, sluggish digestion, roller-coaster moods, excess weight and low energy. We don’t prescribe cutting them out entirely (remember, this isn’t a diet!), but you will see the best results if you take an occasional break. Try it with your meal program and see how great you feel!

Will I lose weight?

The LUNCHOLOGY meal delivery program is designed to fuel your body with everything it needs to thrive, so you can look and feel your absolute best. It’s not a diet—it’s a lifestyle that’s all about taking care of yourself and making your health a priority. For some people, that may mean shedding excess weight; countless clients have had success losing weight on this program. Consistency is the key to achieving anything in life, continuing with a Lunchology subscription is the best way to see truly life-changing results. Just enjoy the meals, avoid the extra out there and trust the process. And if you want to maximize the program’s slimming effects, consider cutting out snacking and drinking alcohol, which can sabotage your weight loss efforts. Remember that you can always reach out to us along the way—if you need healthy breakfast ideas, we are more than happy to whip up a few no brainers for you to make in the comfort of your own home for those hectic mornings. We’re here to educate, support and love you throughout every step of this journey, and we’re excited to help you accomplish your wellness goals, whatever they may be.

How many calories are in each meal?

We don’t count calories because we don’t believe they’re a good metric for measuring a food’s nutritional quality. We do insure that each plate range between 500-700. So instead of calories, we count things like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and colors. And instead of worrying about nutrition facts, we want you to focus on how food makes you feel. All of our meals are nutritionally designed and perfectly portioned to fuel your body with the optimal amount of nutrients in the form of clean, whole, real foods, so you don’t need to stress about the number of calories you’re eating.

I am pregnant/breast-feeding. Is Lunchology safe for me?

First of all, congratulations! We have had many pregnant and nursing mamas on the Lunchology meal program and they find that the program supports them very nicely during their motherhood journey. The most important rule while on the program is to listen to your body, whether its craving higher proteins such as animal proteins or trying to avoid it, we have a plan that can work for you during this critical time!

Is this enough food for men to eat?

Absolutely! We have lots men on our program and they’re thriving. Everybody is different and every body is different, so it is important to pay attention to your body’s needs. The amount of food you need to feel your best is dependent on a number of things such as your natural metabolism, your level of physical activity and your lifestyle. That said, our clients—men very much included—are often surprised by how satisfying these meals are due to their nutrient density (thank you, plant-based superfoods!). When you’re nourishing your body with all of the nutrients you need, you’ll find that you won’t be as hungry as when you’re eating less nutrient-dense foods, even in higher volumes. However, we still want you to listen to your body, so honor your feelings of hunger by supplementing your Lunchology program with clean, whole foods as needed.

I am very active. Will I be hungry?

Our meals are satiating, they are 500-700 calories packed with fibrous veggies, slow burning blood sugar stabilizing complex carbohydrates and body building proteins. Fit to tame the even the ravenest of hungers. You will feel satisfied and re-fueled to power through your day and night.

Can you accommodate food allergies?

When purchasing your program, you may select up to three ingredients to exclude from your meals due to allergies (eg. shellfish, coconut, tomatoes). If you have a severe allergy, we do not recommend our program. Keep in mind that our programs are already completely free of dairy, eggs and nuts! Please contact our Team (thelab@lunchologymiami.com) if you have any questions about what we can accommodate. In addition, all of our meals have ingredient labels on the side of the container if you’re ever concerned about the ingredients in a particular dish.

Is the menu the same every week?

No, our menu changes weekly and rotates seasonally to use only the freshest, highest quality produce from trusted, consciously-chosen suppliers.

Can I choose my meals?

We offer a set menu of delicious meals that everyone on the program receives. Each meal is nutritionally designed for your optimal health, so while you cannot choose your own menu, we guarantee that you and your body will benefit from each and every dish.

Is there enough protein in Lunchology’s meal program?

Yes! In each of our plans, whether Meat Lover, Ocean Lover or Plant Lover you will receive 6-8 ounces of protein. Some of our plant proteins include beans, lentils, garbanzo, kale, spinach, mushrooms, hemp seeds, and tofu.

Are your programs vegan?

Our plant lovers program is 100% plant-based, but we do occasionally use honey and bee pollen. If your diet or lifestyle requires no use of animal products whatsoever, just let us know and we will happily accommodate (note that your order will be subject to an allergy fee).

Is there enough protein in Lunchology’s meal program?

Yes! In each of our plans, whether Meat Lover, Ocean Lover or Plant Lover you will receive 6-8 ounces of protein. Some of our plant proteins include beans, lentils, garbanzo, kale, spinach, mushrooms, hemp seeds, and tofu.

Are your programs vegan?

Our plant lovers program is 100% plant-based, but we do occasionally use honey and bee pollen. If your diet or lifestyle requires no use of animal products whatsoever, just let us know and we will happily accommodate (note that your order will be subject to an allergy fee).

Are your programs gluten-free?

We will modify for you if you choose to go gluten-free, by completing removing gluten products from your menu and replacing with non gluten carbs like our forbidden black rice, sweet potato, or quinoa. Our products that do contain gluten are the highest of quality grains and complex carbs such as our bulgur, semolina whole wheat pasta, or farro. Or want to opt out grains and carbs all together? Select our low-carb option under modifications, or contact a lunchologist to thelab@lunchologymiami.com to assist you.

Why are Lunchology meals healthy?

Each Lunchology meal is created around our pillars of nutrition, which are based on the science behind a balanced, non processed whole-food, lean protein, and plant-based diet. Our meals are optimized with the perfect balance of lean protein, sugar stabilizing complex carbs, hydrating fresh produce and nutrient-dense superfood ingredients. Every bite is packed with nourishing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber to keep you glowing from the inside out! The result is clearer thinking, better moods, stable energy and a body that works for you!

For any additional questions, please contact our team at thelab@lunchologymiami.com

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